Cover photos

Aug, 2016

Sunset of summer. There is mists from river and that is making humidity high (like sauna).

Oct, 2014

Mt Bromo

Indonesian volcano, taken at early morning with beautiful clouds.

Sep, 2014

Mt Fuji

After rain, with faint clouds.

Apr, 2014

Cherry blossom

We Japanese used to gbelieveh that cherry blossom is beautiful because there are dead people beneath of each tree. Scary!

Dec, 2013

Ginkgo leaf

Leaves of ginkgo tree turn bright yellow, telling us the end of this autumn season.

Sep, 2013

Mt Fuji without snow

This mountain has finally been registered as a World Heritage of UNESCO, this year.

Apr, 2013

Spring has come

South side view from our building at 7th floor. We can see the Pacific ocean.

Sep, 2012

End of summer

Summer is over, and will be a beautiful season.

Jun, 2012

A transit of Venus across the Sun.

May, 2012

Shiraito fall, the most famous water fall in Japan close to Mt. Fuji. Its water is from melted snow of Mt. Fuji, comes through underground on solid rock layer.

Feb, 2012

Tetrapods on Miho sea shore and Mt. Fuji. These concrete made things are to break waves.

Dec, 2011

A night view from the Victoria Peak of Hong Kong

We visited Hong Kong for the 4th ASPL meeting.

Sep, 2011

Typhoon blew down trees

We got a huge typhoon, which blew down many trees on campus. Some fell down on a street.

Aug, 2011

Castoff shell of cicada

In summer, we have many cicadas crying from early morning to sunset.

Jan, 2011

Mt. Fuji

From Miho sea shore. After I took this picture, I got wet by waves.

Oct, 2010


Sunset from our building.

Aug, 2010


This photo was taken at the botanical garden of TU Braunschweig, Germany.

Aug, 2010

Jyoren fall

A famous fall close to the Amagi seminar house of Shizuoka Univ.

Jul, 2010


Picture at ISPL, Cairns.

Jun, 2010


Symbolic flower of Japanese rainy season.

Nov, 2009


View of Shizuoka city from our building.

Feb, 2009

Mt. Fuji

Highest mountain in Japan (3776 m). View from our building.